Walk on the bright side of life

Walk on the bright side of life

After all the bad things that have happened to humanity over the past few months, I think we would all agree that the time has come to focus on good things in life and to start living on the positive side of it. The solid starting point to achieve this can be your wardrobe. And is there a better way for refreshing the wardrobe than buying a new pair of high-quality handmade shoes?

high-quality handmade shoes

A great place to look for your perfect pair is the Reinhard Frans high-quality handmade shoes collection. All the shoes at Reinhard Frans are carefully made from the finest French and Italian leather and meticulously designed to suit any taste. These shoes always stand out from the crowd because Reinhard Frans shoemaker masters are always dedicated to making the most comfortable yet trendy shoes.

You can always refresh your shoe collection with new models and materials and colourful designs for everyone to see. But to create a daily bright mood your focus should be on wearing the handmade shoes that stand out, especially with their colours. After all, men’s outfit is assessed from his shoes up, and naturally, the colour of the shoes would be the first thing to notice.

In case you have been wondering what to wear with daring coloured handmade shoes, we have also prepared some tips and ideas for the best colour matching outfits. And, of course, we suggest some of the best handmade shoes that are out in the market. So, go ahead, spread the good mood to the world and colour your walk with some of the selected Reinhard Frans handmade shoe masterpieces listed below.

A fantastic red Varese

Red is a colour of energy, passion and action, and red handmade shoes are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Wearing red shoes shows determination and ambition – the main qualities of a natural leader. Red Varese is in fact an Oxford shoe model. While black Oxfords are classic, plain, very formal shoes that limit the clothes you can wear with them, red Oxfords are a completely new level of men’s fashion. To wear these unique handmade red shoes like a proper fashion mag, try matching them with suits of a neutral colour which will make your shoes pop, like black, brown, and grey. Also, the great way to enhance the red shoes and make them your standout fashion statement is to wear them with a pair of white pants or white types of denim.

Prague 1661 Croco Cognac

Earthly Croco Cognac

These seriously stylish handmade Chukka boots are noticeable and unforgettable because of their crocodile skin pattern made of the finest Italian leather which is hand-painted in the combination of burgundy and light brown shades. They are a match made in heaven for all you extraordinary souls out there. The Croco handmade shoes are ideal for fusing casual outfits with a smart style. Match them with light-wash denim to tan, navy and even red trousers for the best effect.

Prague Caponi Suede

Prague Caponi suede

For somewhat softer look than the Croco, Reinhard Frans has designed suede Chukka boot made of the highest quality Italian calf suede leather. Suede chukkas will suit a range of informal outfits. They will work well with jeans of all shades and chinos of any colour. As a matter of fact, this shoe is not just stylish and practical for your everyday wear, it is also very comfortable. This is because their last is characterized by its wide fit. This last is always perfect for people with a high instep and wide foot enabling relaxed walk.

Midnight blue Venice

These whole cut shoes are handmade of a single, large piece of flawless French calf leather. The result is a sleek, subtle, minimalist shoe with beautiful lines. The lack of any details gives any outfit elegant look. Hand patinated dark navy whole cut shoes go best with casual styles that require some personality for the looks. When it comes to colour matching, they would go well with any colour as long as it is not black. Also, try not to match your shoes and trouser shades too closely, but if you do, different coloured socks will be a good solution.

Boston 1638 Elephant Suede

Boston elephant suede

This is a Derby plain – a model similar to Oxford, but the difference between them lies in the laces. This particular shoe model is made of Italian Calf suede. It is a must-have shoe, perfect for the springtime and the upcoming summer. These light-coloured handmade suedes will match well with any wash of denim, but especially with a lighter shade. They will also go perfectly with chocolate brown, olive, tan, and red trousers.

Toulon dark navy patina & Caponi suede

Last but not least, this is definitely a shoe that does not go unnoticed. So, if you like being in the centre of attention, then this is the model for you. This newest model in a Reinhard Frans collection is the combo of creativity. First, it is a single monk strap model – one of the most enduring footwear styles of all time. Without a lacing system, the shoe is closed by a buckle and a strap. What makes this shoe model unique is the fact that it is made of two materials and it is a combination of two colours. The upper is made of the best quality French calf leather which is perfect for patina, and it also has a beautiful Caponi suede addition. As such, these multicoloured and dual material handmade shoes have the potential for endless style combinations. However, take care to match the colour of the suit or pants to one colour, preferably to the dominant colour of this multi-coloured shoe. Then, you can match the second colour of the shoe with some of your accessories, such as a belt.

After choosing your favourite model and colour, be ready to step out into the world of new possibilities. This is the perfect time to put the smile on your face, hands in your pockets, your best shoes on your feet and go out, confidently headed towards the bright side of life.

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