Top five spring/summer handmade shoe styles for men

Top five spring/summer handmade shoe styles for men

We gathered our list of best spring/summer handmade shoe styles for men. Now is the perfect time to prepare for those sunny days!

Spring – the time of major transformations everywhere around us, as well as within us – is here. For many, this is the perfect time to start anew, whether it is to introduce new or healthier life habits, do some spring cleaning, or refresh their wardrobe. However, the most important transformation is shifting the daily routine from indoors to spending most of the free time outside in the warm weather. This shift naturally requires the change to the appropriate warm-weather footwear.

The key to nailing spring-summer shoes is both versatility and quality. Thus, we present you Reinhard Frans’ latest seasonal edition of men’s handmade shoe collection to wear with style and comfort this spring and summer. The most popular models are laceless, slip-on shoes, which come in different forms such as penny loafers, tassel loafers, moccasins, monk strap, and boots. The favourite material this season is a light Italian suede in shades of brown and blue.  But the best feature of Reinhard Frans’ spring-summer collection is that all the shoes are completely handmade with the utmost attention for details, devotion to quality, and love for shoes. We assembled a list of the five basic handmade shoe styles that every man should have in his rotation this season.

handmade summer style shoes

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are one of the classic warm-weather models since the 1930s that never go out of fashion. They feature a small opening at the centre of the shoes that happened to be the perfect size and shape for a small, round object like a penny, hence the name. With an easy slip-on entry, the penny loafer is one of the most comfortable shoes out there. Penny loafers are the perfect shoe for rocking the casual outfit, but they can also be worn for a dressed occasion. You can wear them with trousers or shorts. For a dressed-up daytime event you can combine them with chinos and a blazer. As a general rule of wearing loafers, your trousers should not touch the shoes, so the ankle is exposed, and the shoes are fully visible.

Porto dark brown suede anaconda model is a chic seasonal limited edition of our penny loafers. Is made of Italian calf dark brown suede with snakeskin pattern printed leather. As all penny loafer models, it has a decorative strap running horizontally across the vamp of the loafer. It is handmade of the finest calf leather lining and has a vegetable-tanned leather sole. This model is Blake constructed meaning that the outer sole is directly stitched to the insole, which allows more flexibility and lighter weight. With so many spring/summer handmade shoe styles for men, we need a lot of attention to details so please read until the end of the article.

handmade summer style shoes

Tassel loafers

When the well-known actor Paul Lukas asked shoemakers in the United States back in the 1950s to customize his shoes by adding little fringed tassels on the ends of the laces, the idea was born. Soon after, shoe designers modified loafer-style shoes by these decorative ornaments, making the stylish tassel loafers popular shoes ever since.

Even though they have been described as too difficult to pull off with a wide range of outfits, tassel loafers are in fact practical, comfortable, and versatile shoes. They are as appropriate for weekend wear and relaxation as they are for the business. You can wear them with most outfits, be it casual, smart-casual, or business attire. However, keep the length of your trousers short; these trendy shoes are best worn with no-show socks and a little bit of ankle exposed.

At Reinhard Frans, these beautiful tassel loafers are handmade from either leather or suede. Leather tassels are available in unique jeans hand painted patina. Their sleek finish makes them perfect for smarter looks. On the other hand, delicate suede loafers have a slightly more casual style, making them an ideal shoe for the spring-summer months.  In the Reinhard Frans collection, this tassel loafer is a seasonal limited-edition model in dark brown, chocolate, and dark navy suede. This shoe is thoroughly handmade by our shoe experts from fine Italian calf suede featuring a full leather sole in a refined Blake construction and calf lining. You just cannot imagine spring/summer handmade shoe styles without this model!


Made as an inspiration from the moccasin shoes worn by native Indians in North America, this is the footwear that is both comfortable and practical. Initially created for driving, the moccasin shoe is ultimately made for hanging out, short walks, and enjoying easy summer days. They are comfortable, casual, and easy to slip on. You will be grateful for the casual moccasin toe and how they feel throughout warm days. You can pair them with denim, chinos, or trousers; and as with loafers, skip wearing socks, ones that are visible anyway.

One of the most popular handmade summer style shoes is definitely the ‘Moccasin’ model. Our moccasins are carefully handmade of a single piece of leather and stitched together at the top. They have a classic form of last with the normal fit. This driving moccasin has a right rubber dotted sole that provides a flexible feeling and adds to the longevity of the sole. Moccasins in our collection are available in two versions of suede: chocolate brown and dark navy.

Top five spring/summer handmade shoe styles for men

Monk strap

The monk strap shoes are another model without a lacing system; the shoe is closed by a buckle and a strap. They are stylish shoes appropriate for both dressed and casual occasions.  Casual monk straps can be worn with jeans and khakis. If you want to achieve a relaxed summer look, combine them with a shirt and chinos.

 Our monk strap shoes are handmade in the Netherlands from Italian calf suede and French leather with a soft leather lining. Reinhard Frans collection offers them in a range of colours and lasts to suit any taste, but all the shoes can also be customized at your request. Check out our dark navy suede, dark brown, or chocolate brown suede monk strap with an oval buckle and a stylish slim form of last. If you prefer hand-painted durable calf leather, we offer them in coffee brown or cognac patina, with a decorative embossed design on the tip of the upper.

Top five spring/summer handmade shoe styles for men

Chelsea Boots

Apart from the above-mentioned popular slip-on models, this season every guy will need a pair of boots, too. When it comes to boots, Chelsea is by far the most versatile boot you can buy. They pair well with tailored suits as they do with jeans.

Handmade in a unique jeans patina, they are a colourful twist for one of the gloomy, rainy days of the season. These ankle-high boots have elastic side panels to create an easy entry. This is a model with a closed fitting and generous space at the front. Chelsea boots are one of the best shoe investments you can make – handmade and stylish, they are a trend that’ here to stay.  And if you take care of them properly, as with all handmade shoes, they will last a lifetime. We hope this post was helpful and that it will be useful in chosing your perfect spring/summer handmade shoe style.

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