How to wear Monk Strap Shoes?

Every fashionable and well-dressed man should know how to wear Monk strap shoes and combine them in various style combinations. Keeping that in mind we have created a small guide for your best appearance with Monk strap shoes as the centre of your daily style.

Since Monk Straps are classic and very popular amongst gentlemen and are one of the most versatile dress shoes. 

Everyone knows that the origins of the monk straps are unclear and that monk strap shoes are named after a monk who created a special form of shoes in the 15th century. The very first design of monk strap shoes is registered in the 1900s. Today, monk straps are considered to be a necessity for every man who takes care of his look. 

The Single Monk strap, also known as monk shoes, is a traditional model in Reinhard Frans collection. The model is made from fine French calf leather. The monk strap is regarded as fashionable according to the stylish youth. Popular worldwide, especially in many metropolitan areas, these shoes are a must-have for your wardrobe. 

You can wear them with casual and less formal attires. 

If you wonder what kind of monk straps you should buy – always choose quality over quantity. 

The Leather used in Reinhard Frans collection originates from the finest tanneries in France. At this moment the French Calf is seen as the best quality leather in the industry for shoemaking. The upper leather we use is a crust calfskin that is perfect for patina. Patina is the craft of manually painting the skins of the shoes. 

These evergreen shoes come as a single monk, double monk, or triple monk. Both single and double can be worn on every occasion you seem fit. Their design is perfect if you want to give your outfit some personal touch. Triple monk strap shoes look genuinely stylish.  With three buckles, these shoes will make you stand out in a crowd. 

How to wear Monk Strap shoes with a suit?

Brown and black monk straps are the best choices for pairing with suits. If your choice is a black suit, go with black single monk strap shoes for a formal look. You can add an amazing buckle for a unique style. 

How to wear Monk Strap shoes with Jeans?

For casual outfits, go with double monks with dark skinny denim and a white or black T-shirt. Brown leather monk straps are the most versatile. Try experimenting with colors and add a blazer in a different color. 

How to wear Monk Strap shoes with shorts?

If you choose shorts with monk strap shoes select brown double monk straps with a grey or black shirt. Always choose white or beige shorts for the best effect. When wearing monk strap shoes with shorts, don’t use socks.

How to wear Monk Strap Shoes

Choose from our wide assortment of monk strap shoes and matching accessories. We offer many different types of monk strap shoes with distinct colors. But that is just the beginning of your journey with Reinhard Frans. All our models can be further customized to accommodate your taste and fulfill your needs. 

Are monk strap shoes comfortable?

These shoes can never be as comfortable as sneakers, but, they can be very comfortable to wear. Feel special in every step you make in your shoes.   

How to wear Monk Strap Shoes
How to wear Monk Strap Shoes

P. S. Don’t slip your monk straps on. Always choose to buckle and unbuckle your shoes.

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