Create your own handmade leather shoes

Create your own handmade leather shoes

The advantage of opting for handmade leather shoes is not just their high quality and distinctiveness but also the possibility of designing your own unique set of custom shoes. Whether you are a person with already a well-defined shoe requirement, or if you are the one that is about to explore and express their own style and individuality, custom handmade shoes are always the right choice. Reinhard Frans offers endless customization possibilities and allows you to create your very own handmade shoes. You can choose your favorite style, select leather material, customize patina, change colors, patterns, sole, and more until you find the perfect pair that fits your needs. To get you inspired we have prepared a short guide through the customization process and options at Reinhard Frans.


Select your favorite model

Designing your handmade shoes starts by choosing your basic model. Reinhard Frans handmade shoe collection offers the choice of several timeless shoe models. Here we present you with the favorite shoe styles every man should own for every occasion.

The Toe Cap Oxford model is an excellent starting point, as it is considered the most basic and timeless of dress shoes. This simple, yet elegant and formal shoe model is a synonym for a classic British English style. It is often used in traditional business environments, but it is also perfect for dressed occasions. This model is especially popular in the black color, but you can express your originality through the Reinhard Frans customization process by selecting the patina of your choice.

Our next suggestion is the Single Monkstrap model – also popular as the monk shoes – a traditional model in the Reinhard Frans collection. This is one of the must-have wardrobe items, especially in the metropolitan areas. The monk strap is an intermediate formal shoe that is incredibly versatile. It matches well with casual, business casual, and less formal business attire, but it is still formal enough to wear with a suit. This model is characterized by its simple lines. Without a lacing system, the shoe is closed by a buckle with a strap. You can modify the model by choosing a single or double stylish buckle.

Another model that you should consider adding to your handmade shoe collection is the Plain Derby. Even though it is perceived as more casual than the Oxford model, it is still ideal for different occasions. Also, the plain look makes this model easy to match with multiple combinations. It has an open lacing system; therefore, it is appropriate for a wide foot and high instep.

Choose a shoe last that fits your needs

Shoe last is a form used in shoe molding. It is based on measurements of heel width, instep height, and forefoot width. These measurements are then tailored to the design and intended function of the footwear being made. We offer shoe lasts in many styles and sizes to satisfy any requirement. The last 2 – characterized by its slim form, especially the nose, is perfect for people that consider style as a necessity. The last 3 is made for people that prefer a more classic form of the nose. The last 8 of a wide fit is for people with a high instep and wide foot who want to preserve the stylish shoe look. The last 12 has a slim-lined look and a normal width. The lines of this shoe last are elegant and will match perfectly with a well-tailored suit or stylish combination.


Pick the best material

The next step in the customization process is the choice of the “upper” or the outer material(s) of the leather shoe. The finest leather is one of the key features that distinguish the extraordinary handmade shoes from the rest. Reinhard Frans offers only high-quality leather coming from the greatest tanneries in Europe. You can choose between firm, even, and durable French calf leather; or French calf crust that is perfect for patina. You can also opt for a long-lasting Italian embossed calf leather with crocodile texture. If you prefer the silky touch and an exquisite velvety appearance, we recommend Italian calf suede which is incomparable in the suede shoemaking industry.

Discover the art of patina

Patina is the craft of manually painting the skins of the handmade shoes. As such it is a hallmark and an inseparable part of making the highest-quality leather handmade shoes. We believe it is also a unique form of style expression. At Reinhard Frans, you can choose between different patina styles carefully created to suit any type of style.

Try the beautiful wood effect patina, a specialty of Reinhard Frans. If you are a classic shoe lover, the hand-applied dark brown patina will always be a good choice for you. If you are up for something beyond classic, we offer patina that transitions between dark and light creating natural bleaching effect. The mahogany patina created of the brown tones mixed with red pigments is for the men with an appreciation for the antique. The edge patina creates a clash of contrasting colors for the extravagant souls. The small stripes patina is made for the artistic eye. And for the inventive ones, creating your own unique patina is also a possibility, as our patina atelier in Amsterdam is always up for a challenge.

Create your own handmade leather shoes

Select a proper sole

During the customization process, you should not neglect the entire part of the shoe that sits below your feet. Choose the handmade shoe sole that fits you best. The most popular soles in our collection are 3.5 mm or 5 mm thick leather soles. We make handmade shoe soles to last, so the leather we use is strong, and eco-friendly because it is vegetable-tanned. This means that the leather was tanned with natural ingredients such as tree bark. Due to the careful tanning process and the natural tannins, vegetable-tanned leather develops a rich and beautiful patina over time. It has an earthy and natural tone; it will not crack or dry out and it will last for a very long time.


Finish your shoe creation

We make custom made shoes in all sizes – simply tell us your foot size and get the custom-designed shoes that no one else owns. The handmade shoes we created together without compromising on time, dedication, ideas, and quality will be made to last. Most importantly, these custom-made shoes will remain the expression of your own signature style.

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