A Guide to men’s shoe styles

Why create a guide to men’s shoe styles?

Everyone knows the importance of a first impression. With the right shoes, you can dominate every style and every occasion you meet daily because having a good pair of shoes is a necessity. Our guide to men’s shoes will help you find stylish footwear and show you how to combine your shoes with different styles.

a guide to men's shoe styles

Men’s Boots

The first thing you should know when it comes to choosing your boots is to know how to pair boots with different looks. Always select the right style to suit your personality. Boots are one of the most versatile types of men’s footwear and our guide will show you the best ways to style them. 

Chukka boots – One of the most wanted men’s boot styles. Chukka boots are perfect for workwear or casual combinations. What color Chukka boots should you buy? – Chukka boots often come in dark brown or tan, but both are equally versatile.

a guide to men's shoe styles

Chelsea bootsThese boots are made with elastic side panels and are equally popular with men and women. These boots are best combined with casual outfit combinations and can be worn in many different styles. Feel amazing in our models from the RF collection made from the finest Italian calf suede.

a guide to men's shoe styles

Monkstrap bootsMonkstrap boots are popular all around the world. This kind of boot comes without a lacing and it is closed with a buckle. You can wear them with a suit, jeans or with less formal attire. They are as popular as monk strap shoes and are equally valued by the older and younger population.

a guide to men's shoe styles


Loafers are often made from leather or suede. These slip-on shoes are extremely comfortable and can be worn on almost any occasion. Loafers have no laces, the ankles are exposed, and often are mistaken with moccasins. Is it ok to wear them with socks? – Absolutely. If you have a special occasion, loafers work perfectly with a suit. They will look just as good with jeans and a wool coat, so, be sure to brighten up a dull day by adding bright socks!  In the Reinhard Frans collection the loafer is available in multiple forms. Penny loafers, Tassel loafers and also lined or unlined loafers. 

a guide to men's shoe styles

Lace-up shoes

Lace-up shoes are classic and every man should own at least one pair of these shoes. There are many different types of lace-up shoes, but we are gonna mention the most essential.

Oxford Shoes – These lace-up shoes have a closed lacing system and an exposed ankle. Oxford shoes are one of the most elegant shoe designs of all time. They are perfect for special occasions such as weddings and business meetings.

a guide to men's shoe styles

Derby Shoes

The Derby shoes have an open lacing system. The uppers of a Derby consist of the quarters and vamps. The Derby shoes come in various types and are similar to the various types of Oxford shoes.

a guide to men's shoe styles

Brogue Shoes

A pair of men’s Brogue can really light up your wardrobe. The brogue shoe is characterized by uppers made from multiple pieces of leather. Like Oxford and Derby, Brogue shoes are perfect for special occasions.  

a guide to men's shoe styles

Monk Strap Shoes

Monk strap shoes are available in single, double, and triple strap varieties. The Monkstrap is a shoe without a lacing system and is supported by a broad strap of leather across the vamp. The monk strap shoes are one of the most versatile models of men’s shoes. You can wear them with suits, jeans or shorts.

a guide to men's shoe styles


We can not imagine a guide to men’s shoe styles without sneakers. When it comes to sneakers, it’s important to choose the one you can combine with different outfits. Sneakers are one of the most popular and versatile pairs of footwear. You can wear them on almost every occasion you can imagine. All you need to do is to choose the right color and the right model for your style. RF Sneakers are made with high-quality memory foam used for the insole. In combination with the natural rubber outsole it creates a very comfortable walking experience.

a guide to men's shoe styles

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